Oticon Hearing Aids

Inman Audiology is an authorized provider of Oticon hearing aids in Troy, MI.

Oticon is an industry leader that led the creation of advanced hearing aids that adapt to different environments, reduce background noise, and enhance speech clarity. 

Oticon’s products often incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously improve and personalize the listening experience for users.

Oticon Hearing Aids Technology

Oticon hearing aids incorporate several advanced technologies aimed at enhancing the auditory experience for users. Some key technologies include:

BrainHearing™: This innovative approach acknowledges the brain’s role in hearing. Oticon designs its devices to support the brain’s natural processing of sound, focusing on delivering a more natural and personalized listening experience.

ConnectClip: This valuable accessory empowers users by expanding the capabilities of their Oticon hearing aids, enabling wireless connectivity and hands-free communication in various everyday situations.

Connect to IFTTT-enabled devices: Integrating Oticon hearing aids with IFTTT (If This, Then That) opens up possibilities for connecting them to a wide range of smart devices and services.

Tinnitus SoundSupport™: It is a feature integrated into certain models of Oticon hearing aids designed to provide relief and management for individuals experiencing tinnitus, a condition characterized by the perception of ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in the ears without an external source.

Oticon Hearing Aids 2023

These are the hearing aid models available from Oticon as of October 2023.

Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent seamlessly adapts to the user’s specific listening needs, even in dynamic sound environments, providing a personalized and immersive auditory experience. This is made possible with the groundbreaking 4D Sensor technology, a pioneering advancement that integrates information from various sources such as head and body movement, conversation activity, and the acoustic environment. 

Oticon Intent incorporates the brand new Deep Neural Network, a state-of-the-art neural processing system. This advanced technology employs complex algorithms inspired by the human brain’s neural networks to intelligently analyze and interpret sound inputs. It further enhances the user’s ability to engage with their surroundings and communicate effectively.

Oticon Intent introduces the New MoreSound Amplifier 3.0, a powerful component that expands access to sound. This latest iteration of the MoreSound Amplifier leverages advanced signal processing techniques to amplify and refine incoming sound signals with exceptional clarity and precision. By enhancing the amplification process, Oticon Intent ensures that users can perceive even subtle nuances in their auditory environment, facilitating clearer communication and a richer listening experience.

Oticon Real

Oticon’s newest innovative hearing technology, Oticon Real, was created to handle the “real” sounds of everyday life. The newest sound processing includes improved technologies that balance sudden disruptive sounds, noise handling (ex: hair or glasses touching hearing aids), and wind noise. 

The advanced technology of Oticon Real includes a Deep Neural Network (DNN), trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes. Overall this improved access to sound allows patients to have increased awareness, engagement, and focus in their daily lives.

Oticon Own

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hearing aids. Oticon Own is crafted to meet your needs in a customized fit to your ear anatomy as well as your lifestyle needs. This product is designed to blend in, so you can stand out first.

Oticon Own is the world’s first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid with an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN). This technology provides you access to more sound and reduces listening effort. This means that even when you’re in a challenging listening environment — like a restaurant, or a meeting at the office — Oticon Own will help you navigate what you need to hear, and reduce your listening effort, so it’s easier for your brain to take on other tasks.

Oticon Own devices are appropriate for fitting mild-to-severe hearing losses. The custom fit is created based on your ear anatomy and is available in a variety of size options. Depending on the desired hearing aid size, there are several disposable battery options including size: 13, 312, or 10.

Oticon Zircon

The Oticon Zircon is an essential line of technology that builds on Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy. Zircon balances sound from all directions to maintain clear speech, allowing you to comfortably focus on what you want to hear. The OpenSound Navigator helps reduce unwanted noise — by scanning your sound environment more than 500 times per second. This helps to identify unwanted noise and separate it from relevant speech. The end goal is providing a clear picture of the sound around you, without compromising access to speech.

Oticon Zircon is currently available in two styles: a mini receiver-in-the-ear (miniRITE) or a mini behind-the-ear (miniBTE). These devices are appropriate for fitting mild-to-profound hearing losses. They offer two battery options: size 312 or rechargeable.

Oticon CROS

Single-sided deafness can create several listening challenges including localizing sounds and listening to background noise. The Oticon CROS (contralateral routing of the signal) provides a solution for individuals who are looking for a more fully immersive listening experience. A CROS operates by wearing a transmitter on the unaidable ear, and sounds received from that transmitter are routed to a hearing device worn on the better-hearing ear. 

The Oticon CROS is designed for individuals with single-sided deafness and can be fit as either a true CROS or BiCROS (hearing loss is also in the better hearing ear).  There is a choice of a rechargeable Oticon CROS PX or a non-rechargeable Oticon CROS transmitter. Both of these devices are compatible with the following product families: Oticon Real™, More™,  Zircon, Opn S™, Play PX, Opn Play™, Xceed, Xceed Play, and Ruby.

Oticon Play PX

Hearing loss impacts people of all ages. Oticon Play PX brings sound to life by providing children with access to the full sound scene. Play PX is the first pediatric hearing aid with an onboard Deep Neural network (DNN) that learns the same way children learn – through experience. This advanced technology provides them with optimal hearing for speech and language development in addition to enjoying the magic of childhood.

Oticon Play PX is currently available in two styles: a mini receiver-in-the-ear (miniRITE) or a mini behind-the-ear (miniBTE). These devices are appropriate for fitting slight-to-severe hearing losses. They offer two battery options: size 312 or rechargeable. 

Oticon Xceed

Oticon Xceed was designed to give power to those who need it, without creating feedback (whistling) or compromised sound quality. The BrainHearing technology found in Xceed scans your surroundings 100 times per second. In research studies, they found that individuals wearing Xceed hearing aids noticed 10% improvements in speech clarity, 10% less listening effort/strain, and 15% improvements in short-term recall. All of these findings suggest patients have an improved ability to handle noisier environments and improve their listening fatigue.

Oticon Xceed is available in the behind-the-ear (BTE) style. These devices are appropriate for fitting severe-to-profound hearing losses. They offer two battery options: size 13 or 675.

Oticon Xceed Play 

Severe hearing loss impacts people of all ages, including children. Oticon Xceed Play is another pediatric hearing aid designed for severe-to-profound hearing losses. Children with significant hearing loss need more support to separate speech from noise to develop speech and language. Xceed Play utilizes BrainHearing™ technology, which gives the child access to clearer speech from all directions for listening and learning. This allows them to learn in a way that mimics the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound. 

Oticon Xceed Play is available in the behind-the-ear (BTE) style. These devices are appropriate for fitting pediatric patients with severe-to-profound hearing losses. They offer two battery options: size 13 or 675. Both styles also include a fun collection of decorative stickers your child can use to decorate their hearing aids!

Oticon Hearing Aid Apps 

Oticon ON is a comprehensive smartphone app developed by Oticon to accompany and enhance the experience of using Oticon hearing aids. This app offers a range of functionalities designed to optimize the performance and customization of Oticon hearing devices.

Key features of the Oticon ON app include:

Remote Control: Users can remotely adjust various settings on their Oticon hearing aids through the app. This includes volume control, program selection, and access to other customizable features.

Personalization: The app allows users to personalize their listening experience by adjusting settings based on specific environments or activities. This customization ensures optimal hearing aid performance in various situations.

Connectivity: Oticon ON enables seamless connectivity between the user’s smartphone and their Oticon hearing aids. This connection allows for direct streaming of phone calls, music, and other audio from the smartphone to the hearing aids.

Battery Status and Locator: Users can check the battery status of their hearing aids through the app. Additionally, the app includes a feature to help locate misplaced or lost hearing aids by indicating their last known location on a map.

Support and Guidance: Oticon ON offers tutorials, tips, and guidance to help users maximize the benefits of their hearing aids. It provides information on maintenance, usage, and getting the most out of the devices.

Overall, the Oticon ON app serves as a versatile tool that empowers users to manage their Oticon hearing aids more effectively, providing customization, connectivity, and support for a personalized and optimized hearing experience.

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We are committed to working with our patients to ensure no family misses out on precious moments. The most important thing is getting you the care that you need as soon as possible. Don’t wait!