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Diagnostic hearing evaluations

At Inman Audiology we take the time to establish the type and severity of your hearing loss. We will take the time to determine if a hearing device or a medical intervention is right for you.

Tinnitus care

Dr. Inman is a skilled tinnitus clinician and can test your tinnitus along with your hearing loss in order to prescribe the best device for you. Often, tinnitus can be reduced by the use of a hearing device.

Hearing devices

30-day risk-free trials
We offer in-office demonstrations of recommended technology, but we know that your life isn’t as quiet as our office. You will be able to wear your devices for 30 days risk-free in your own environment.

Hearing device repair and adjustments

Inman Audiology has an in-office lab that is able to perform many in house hearing aid repairs. When it is not possible to repair your hearing device in-office you will be offered a loaner hearing device. You don't have to go without hearing while you wait.

Cerumen (Ear wax) Removal

Dr. Inman is skilled at removing ear wax and will gently and effectively remove it if there is wax in your ears.

Custom earmolds

There are a lot of situations where you may need custom earmolds. At Inman Audiology we can fit custom hunting molds, custom hearing device molds, musician molds, swim molds, and personal hearing protection molds. You can even get custom ear molds made for your personal headphones.