Testimonials and Reviews

Tiffany Sexton is the best, got a quick tune up and repair of my hearing aid.

-Ed P


I had difficult hearing in right ear. Tiffany had it corrected in minutes and provided filters for my HA’s.
-Vincent P


Dr Tiffany is so friendly and accommodating! Thank you Dr Tiffany and Staff! Sincerely, Kat


Amazing staff. You couldn’t find a more caring and knowledgeable group of people. Can’t say enough about Tiffany.


What an excellent experience! Tiffany and the whole staff handled my case very professionally.


I was very apprehensive about my hearing problem....I didn't know what to expect...I was fortunate to see Tiffany for my consultation and testing...She completly put me at ease and explained my results and options..She is highly experienced and knowledgeable in audio science. ..


I was extremely pleased with my appointment with Tiffany. Her almost constant smile was appreciated.


How many deaf people have went to their audiologist and proclaimed... only if s/he knew how to sign with me and able to communicate with me! How common is it that almost EVERY audiologist becomes a laughing stock in the deaf community because they do NOT know how to communicate in sign language?

Tiffany shocked me when I first meet her today and she was able to sign with me!!! "Oh I don't know sign language that well to communicate," she said. But that is an understatement! She knew just enough to be understood!

I *highly recommend* any people in the deaf community, if they want an audiologist who cares so much about them to be able to sign, to come make an appointment with Tiffany and they won't regret making a long trip out of their way to Rochester Hills for better hearing care!

Thank you sooo much Tiffany! I was ashamed I showed up at her office without an appointment today, but she was able to squeeze me in without any issues!. I am very happy you were able to fix my hearing before my road trip to Ohio! I look forward to having you as my audiologist from now forth!!!

-Scott P


They are very pleasant and always made me feel important-like a valuable person, not just a number. Dr Tiffany is amazing.


Tiffany and her staff have been awesome, I can't Thank them enough for everything they have done for me...


Tiffany is fantastic. Not only did she fit my son with hearing aids that he wears more than ever before, but she introduced him to Bluetooth technology that will let him listen to music (his love) through his hearing aids! We his parents and Jim couldn't be happier. Thank you Tiffany!



Tiffany is very pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough.



Tiffany is very professional and friendly. This is my first experience with an audiologist and my first set of hearing devices.


Tiffany did an outstanding job with my hearing aids. She was outstanding.

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