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  • Are audiologists real doctors
    YES! A doctor of audiology has gone through all of the educationan and clinical work to obtain a doctorate degree. This doctorate degree is similar to the doctorate degree of a dentist or physical therapist.
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?
    When you make an appointment with us we will call your insurance to verify your benefits. A lot of insurances now have some coverage but a lot still don't. Something to be aware of- if you are still working then there is a grant program through the State of Michigan that I can use to help cover the majority of the cost of your hearing devices! Don't wait until you retire because this grant is only for people working at least part time.
  • What about the hearing aids I see on TV?
    Can I be honest for a minute? I get a lot of questions regarding the advertisements on television and online regarding “new technology” that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Here is what you need to know: there is a lot of time and expertise required to achieve optimal benefit when it comes to hearing aid use. You live in complex noisy environments! These situations mixed with advances in technology require a professional who has been medically trained and is required to take numerous hours of continuing education every year. Now, to be fair, I also have a few patients who purchase their hearing aids online, then shortly after, come to me for more help because they realize their communication needs may require more than an online amplifier.
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