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We are committed to Hearing Aid Best Practices

We use Evidence-Based Practice and We Don't Cut Corers. 


What are best practices?

The term best practice refers to a set of protocols and procedures determined to be the most accurate for hearing testing and hearing aid fitting techniques. 

A quick summary of  best practices include:

  • Assessment, which includes testing for the difficulty of understanding speech in noise and not just a tone test.

  • Treatment Planning, including Communication Assessment Needs.

  • Verification, primarily using Probe Microphone Measures (PMM), also called real ear measurement, involves having a small soft tube placed in the ear canal to measure the sound levels in your ears from the hearing aids.

  • Validation to assess the satisfaction with hearing ability, hearing devices, and services.

Our Vision

All hearing aids are fit appropriately regardless of technology level. To make sure that you are receiving the best possible outcomes from your hearing device.

 Our protocols are ALL evidence-based. 

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