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Hello, my name is Tiffany Inman, and I am the owner and Director of Inman Audiology in Troy, Michigan. I have a doctorate degree in Audiology from Western Michigan University. I have my Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and I am a fellow of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. I speak English and American Sign Language. 


My Story

I became passionate about working in the field of audiology when my grandfather lost his hearing. He and I were very close and after he lost his hearing he withdrew from conversations and spent less and less time around his grandkids. As a child, I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. As an audiologist, I now understand how difficult it is to hear a high-pitched, fast-talking 7-year-old and don’t begrudge him at all. It was that relationship that pushed me into audiology. I wanted to make sure that no other family missed out on a relationship because of a hearing loss. 

I myself have tinnitus and have worn hearing aids to treat it since 2014. It has been my biggest dream to open a private practice where I can see patients independently, utilizing evidence-based methods to drive the best outcomes for every patient that walks through my doors. Following that dream, Inman Audiology was opened in September 2020 to serve all individuals with hearing loss and/or tinnitus. I hope that I get the chance to meet you and help you in your hearing healthcare journey.



Hello! My name is Bailey Carpenter and I am the Audiology Assistant & Patient Care Coordinator at Inman Audiology in Troy, Michigan. I received my undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. While at Wayne State University, I volunteered with Starkey for many years and worked to fundraise for global hearing aid fittings to help those in countries that do not have access to hearing healthcare. I also volunteered working with Deaf children and their families at the Carl’s Family Village and Holley Institute here in Michigan. I am currently learning ASL as well!

My Story

I became a member of the Inman Audiology team shortly after the practice was opened. I trained under Dr. Inman and obtained my Audiology Assistant Certification in amplification and diagnostics from the University of South Florida NOVA. I am currently in the process of becoming a Hearing Instrument Specialist and have been training with Dr. Inman for my license to work with hearing aids in the state of Michigan. 


Hearing loss and hearing health as it relates to the brain has always been a big interest of mine. I am a big music lover and have synesthesia. When I hear music, I see colors! Music is a big part of my life & I can't imagine my life without it. This is what initially drew me to the field of audiology. I want to help patients hear their families, the birds chirping, music, and everything in between! 


We are looking forward to working together to help you on your hearing healthcare journey. 

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