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4 Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has EverythingHearing Loss Edition

It’s that time of year again. I don’t know about you, but I dread it. I used to enjoy gift-giving, but lately, it has been hard to think of gifts for some family members! I recently had my patient’s daughter come in and purchase a TV streamer for her father. I thought, what a perfect gift! Although every manufacturer is different, everyone has a streaming option. If you have anyone in your family that wears hearing aids, check out the list below!

TV Adaptors $150-$450

A TV adaptor is a device that transmits a wireless signal from your television to your Oticon hearing aids. It is easy to install. All you have to do is connect it to your television and place it somewhere within sight of the hearing aid wearer while they watch television! The great part is you don’t need an appointment to connect the hearing aids to the TV adaptor. You can pair them at home!

Remote Microphone $150-$300

This device is small but mighty! The hearing aid wearer wears this small clip or puts it next to someone they are struggling to hear. It allows the hearing aid wearer to make hands-free phone calls, stream music from their smartphone, listen to someone speaking from a distance, chat over the computer via skype, Zoom, Lync, etc., and it allows the hearing aid wearer to adjust their hearing aids discreetly (without having to touch their hearing aids). A remote microphone is hands down the most versatile wireless device. I have patients who use them when they attend lectures, business presentations, church, inside a car, or at a sports venue.

Cordless Phones

These cordless phones offer a solution for those who wear hearing aids and still struggle to hear on their home phone. These cordless phones automatically transmit phone conversations directly into both hearing aids for better speech understanding. Did you know that receiving the phone signal in both ears significantly improves speech understanding? Especially when background noise is present.

Batteries $30

If your friend or loved one does not have rechargeable hearing aids, batteries are always a good gift!

Although most hearing aids are compatible with your smartphone, that doesn’t mean your family member will not benefit from a wireless accessory. There are eight major hearing aid manufacturers. Almost all of the manufacturers have a version of these wireless streamers. If you are thinking about purchasing a wireless accessory for a loved one, please ask them what manufacturer and model hearing aid they have, then give our office a call! We can let you know which adaptor is available for their hearing aid manufacturer and model.

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